About ezNUUO
"ezNUUO" is a specific feature provided by NUUO. The goal of "ezNUUO" is to simplify the process of establishing Internet access to NUUO systems. It means, no more struggle with router setup, port forwarding and firewall security as trying to make the video visible over the Internet. Simply register the server within the setting page, then go to ezNUUO website or sign in NUUO mobile application to watch live videos and playback from anywhere in the world.

Step 1:
Step 2:
Connect the unit to a router with Internet connection, and register a server ID on the setting page.
Log into www.eznuuo.com or NUUO mobile application to watch live videos and trace back the history to secure your property.
About NUUO
Founded in 2004, NUUO deploys advanced and comprehensive technologies to enhance the surveillance cameras to high standards demanded by our Intelligent Surveillance Solution. Combining NVR and Hybrid technologies with IVS detections guaranteed NUUO a successful and fast entry to the market. NUUO is dedicated to offering a stable and high performance digital surveillance system to our clients. We have succeed in achieving over 94800 installations in 65 countries. The range of use is covering projects in the different industries, such as mass transportation, education, government, banking, hospitality, healthcare, casinos and enterprises. A strong cohesive team of over 150 professionals includes top-notch research and development engineers, efficient client-care service engineers, multicultural account executives, marketing and public relations managers. NUUO is well known in the security field for its reliable performance, prompt service and innovative spirit.